We offer something other gutter companies don’t. Because gutter guards/screens don’t work, We've designed, fabricate, and install a patented downspout system which vastly improves the functionality of gutters.


Our downspouts are “Plug Resistant” because we’ve enlarged outlet (where gutters always plug) by 500% and downspout by 200%.  Debris can simply pass through the outlet to a cleanup box near the ground. If the outlets are clean and draining, you gutters will work even when full of leaves and debris. They will require less maintenance than gutter “covers” or “guards.


Gutter Styles

We offer 4 styles of gutter to compliment the look of every style of home.  We have the 3 popular styles shown below as well as 5K Low Profile which is described in detail in Historic Homes.


Historic Homes

We make a unique Low Profile Gutter designed to replace obsolete 4K gutters on historic Portland and Vancouver homes.  If you’ve been told standard gutters won’t fit your home unless you cut off the rafter tails call us!  


Many historic Portland and Vancouver homes were built to use smaller, hard to source, 4-inch K-style (4K) gutters. The decorative rafter tails are shaped to “cradle” the smaller 4K gutters without leaving enough space to accept a standard 5k gutter size. We had a gutter machine custom-built to produce a hybrid-profile with the greater width and capacity of a 5K gutter, but with the height of 4K gutters, allowing them to fit in “notched” decorative rafter tails.  Our LeafDrop Downspout system is included and is an extreme performance upgrade for Historic Portland and Vancouver homes.